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With over 60 years of experience and real attention to customer satisfaction, you can count on us for the right choice.
We provide a professional service for private and business customers.



The slate (also called stone of Lavagna) is a metamorphic rock of sedimentary origin. It is a variety of limestone and shale split easily into thin sheets, flat, read …



The Brazilian slate combines the charm of the stone material to interesting technical features and thus lends itself to a wide variety of applications both indoors and outdoors, both for the pleasant surface quality and the range of colors.



Limestone that as a result of the dynamic metamorphism or contact took crystal structure at a granular texture and appearance saccharoid…



Vratza Limestone is a type of natural Bulgarian limestone, which has unique characteristics – it is extremely weather-resistant, easy to work and possesses rare aesthetic qualities.

The irreplaceable "Spacchin"

As has already been illustrated, the “scistosti√†” Slate, that is, the parallel weaving of the crystals that compose it, makes it possible sfaldarla, precisely, along parallel planes. It sounds simple; but derive from the rock thin and flat sheets, splitting it in the sense of layering, it is no mean feat. The machines are so far unable to fulfill it: and it is one of the cases in which the man, so often supplanted by mechanical devices, it takes its revenge. The job of the “spacchin” is not extinct, unlike so many others continue exactly as so many centuries ago, indispensable today as then. To do so, it is clear, must be highly experienced and dexterity; according to the experts is also required a special sensitivity that few possess.

Not hard to believe, given the results: who gets the rock, cutting the net, slabs that often have a few millimeters thick, using simple tools and relying solely on his eye and on his hand, he can not rely on the some feeling that nature has bestowed. A bit like the good pianist (the comparison does not seem risky), which is distinguished by any pianist because of the sensitivity that makes him find the touch to make the refinements necessary to make the most of interpreted music.



Here are some of the many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service
including consultation, free quote, design, supply of materials and installation.



These are just some of the services we provide to customers.


The constant research of innovative and high-quality materials while, the development of color combinations and luxury finishes make M.N.V. snc a unique and important partner to give value to your every environment.


Thanks to a design department, with many years experience, which operates in full synergy with architects and managers in the industry, we are able to optimize all project phases, until the installation of the finished product.


We provide a complete and accurate service in the installation of all types realized project. We cater to both private construction companies; once you defined the materials, agreed the timing and implementation phases, we follow all the processing steps, from relief measures to installation. Throughout the process the communication and the comparison with the customer needs is constant to ensure the perfect success of the service.

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