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M.N.V. Ardesia

A Cornia Moconesi slate is of superior quality: chemical and mechanical properties, water resistance, insulating qualities reach high levels.

And Cornia Moconesi are the quarries of the M.N.V., one of the most successful in the industry ardesiaco sector. The quality of the starting material available to the M.N.V. is therefore a feature of its production; but it is not alone: the joins the accuracy of the process, whose merits are to be divided between the modern technologies adopted and the experience and skill of man, are still irreplaceable.

The M.N.V. is primarily aimed at the construction industry, with a wide range of roof covers, wall and floor slabs, thanks to which it can meet the most stringent requirements and refined progettistiche.

It also has highly specialized personnel in the installation of all types of roof slate roofing. But its production possibilities allow it to address other areas of application. Because for M.N.V. slate has no secrets.

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