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We realize ventilated facades throughout Italy and abroad with the most innovative on the market coupling systems:

  • Scasso kerf
  • Foratura keil

Based on its experience in the field of natural stones and anchoring systems we cooperate with leading companies in the design and manufacture ventilated facades also with thickness cm 1. The ventilated façade is a protective surface or decoration applied as the outermost layers to the closing walls vertical perimeter of a building.

The ventilated façade is anchored to the walls of the building structures and metal supports aluminum / galvanized steel and stainless steel. Among the ventilated facade and the wall of the building there must be a space where you can insert a variable thickness insulating “overcoat”, thus leaving an “air curtain” cm. 2 cm. 20. The ventilated facade is often useful to mask the unattractive elements of the various building external installations and, in the case of stone, it does not require frequent maintenance.

The metal structures apt to the installation of a ventilated facade marble, are divided into two main types:

  • punctual system
  • system substructures

Within these two main systems for ventilated facade, exists in the market a wide variety of solutions that need to be assessed against the walls of the building, the size and weight of the marble slabs that form the ventilated facade, to wind pressure , height of the building, the complexity of the records.

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